Monday, April 6, 2009

We Killed One Very Bad Guy and Many Slightly Less Bad Guys

A while back, when we began our weekly adventures, the Dungeon Master warned us that the sewers would be full of all kinds of enemies--including a few that, if we saw them, we should just run 'cause we'd have no hope of defeating them.

Our lovely druid was swept down a sewer and right into the tentacled clutches of a carrion creeper. The rest of our party rushed to her assistance and started wailing on the abominable, poison-spewing jerk. And we won! We totally beat it up! And it was level 7! We were each level 2, but we won! That was one of the creatures our DM had warned us about. But we won!

Then we pounded a roomful of kobolds into a fine, bloody porridge. Oh, it was good times.

Things that still confuse me: action points, standard actions and minor actions and movements etc, and...other stuff.